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Chill Out

Go on. Take a moment.

(Originally published March 21, 2014)


During an average day, I interact with 50+ people. Everyone I talk to is busy. Some people are happy that they are busy, and some people are stressed that they are busy. Regardless of how they feel, many of them buy into a lie: that their worth is directly correlated with their busyness.


This strikes at the heart of a deeper issue. There are people in my life that believe that they are measured by the outputs, or results, or their busyness. They hold to the idea that their 14-hour workdays will earn them acceptance, success, fame, et cetera.


I know this to be true because I am one of those 14-hour workday people. I have a message for my peers: we need to find some way to chill out.


We cannot define ourselves based on our busyness. It’s a performance metric that drains us. If we do not change our behaviors, we will constantly be stretched thin in the pursuit of things that detract from the quality of our lives.


Jesus speaks out against this lifestyle (Luke 10:38-42). He does not want us to be upset and worried about so many things that distract us. He wants us to chase after Him.


In fact, the idea that works defines our value is in direct contrast with the Gospel. We are not saved by works, but only by grace through the Father. If our busyness does not echo into eternity, why do we endure it?


I understand that I am simplifying the issue. People work hard because they chase dreams. I work hard because I want make the most out of my life. However, we must never define ourselves on our works. That metric is demoralizing, and never satisfies.


Instead, spend some extra time on the things that matter. Invest in relationships. Twenty years from now it will be the people, not the works, that we remember.

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