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Fine Dining and Food Clients

Someone be cheeky and ask the client which fork we should use.

My experience with the word “food” is a crisscrossed path full of turns. For two and a half years, I worked in a kitchen that put out 300+ meals a day for a sorority house. For the past year, I’ve learned how to cook food at the cross section of classes, YouTube, and my mom. Food serves a role in my life—you could say it’s one of the things that has kept me going for the past 22 years. Now, at long last, my professional life is crossing with food.

I work at Lindsey + Asp, the student-run strategic communication agency on my campus. At the first status meeting, I received a new client to work on for the semester; for the next four months, I am the lead of a 7-man team that will work with the OU University Club. The University Club is the kind of place you might catch high-level donors at while they are visiting OU. Even university president David Boren is rumored to possess his normal table that he can be seen at frequently with a Vice Provost. The place exudes exclusivity and fine dining; in part because undergraduate students cannot buy membership to the club.

New Client, New Challenges

This will be my fourth official full-time client in the agency, but it still brings a few new elements to the table. This is the first time I am leading a large team solo. This is also the first time where I am leading a team where I know almost no one on my team—many are younger undergraduates who did not enter the agency when I did. This is a real managerial experience. It is one thing when you are on a team with friends; it is another when you are given a team cold and tasked with making a group that works well and delivers results.

While I doubt I will be able to sneak into the back kitchen and grab a few recipes off the refrigerator, it will be great working for a client whose mission I can relate to—great food, great environment, and the quintessential fine dining experience.

While we are working, however, maybe I can get them to test my Mexican Romaine Egg Tortilla. David Boren would probably eat that, right?

Yeah, I think so too.
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