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G.E.O: Bridge the International Gap

Merging hiking and English classes into a next-level immersion experience for foreigners in Boulder.

Hello readers! We have some new friends joining us today in the reading audience - from the Knight Foundation and 8 80 Cities!

The Knight Foundation and 8 80 Cities are hosting applications for the K880 2016 Emerging City Champion Fellowship: $5,000 to make an improvement to the cities where we already work, live and play. Think weekend side project on steroids.

I won't be overly verbose about it, judges. Below are links to 1) a 3-minute PDF talking about what I want to do and 2) a 2-minute video of me rambling on camera about why I'm passionate about my project.

What's my project? Global English Outdoors. A better way for internationals to learn English, a new opportunity for Boulderites to be exposed to their international community, and an intentional experience designed to bring the locals and the internationals closer together in meaningful relationships.

Below are two multimedia pieces. The first is a PDF of my plan. Click "G.E.O. - My Vision" to see the full PDF. The second is a short video that is all about why I'm passionate about this project. You can click "G.E.O - Why I Care" or the YouTube player to see the video.

Happy reading :)

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