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Planes, Christmas, and Coming Home

Cue the theme song from "I'll be Home for Christmas."


(Originally published December 29, 2015.)


Planes, Christmas, and Coming Home


Three weeks ago I entered an academic blur preparing for Fudan finals. Now here I am, six days back in the United States with Christmas behind me and my sister’s wedding and New Years in front of me. I went from a city of 20+ million to Green Country’s very own Tulsa, Oklahoma.


There’s a transition for you.


After about 30 hours on planes, in customs, and waiting in airports, I made it from Pudong International Airport to home. I’m currently experiencing reverse culture shock—I barely had enough time to adjust to Christmas music before 25th came. I have a couple quiet weeks at home before heading back to OU for the full re-entry; and it’s a good thing too, because I need time to adjust.


I have met with a few people since I returned to the country, and the first question I am asked is the equivalent to a carpet bomb—“how was China?”


Since I am still processing everything I experienced and learning how to deliver it concisely, my answers dance between five seconds long and fifteen minutes long. I figured the best way to address this question was with a five minute video.



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