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That Moment When a Newspaper Writes About You For The First Time

The public will remember me for hours.

(Originally published July 3, 2014)

I wrote for a newspaper once. I also helped other newspapers get interviews for their stories before. I even wrote a criticism on a misinformed editorial in the past (which you can read about here). Newspapers and I have a history. But today, finally, I get to be in a story. And it’s a nice change of pace.

Thanks to the hustle of my professor, several publications are writing about my team’s time in Germany. The first to publish is my former employer the OU Daily, and while it may be no USA Today it still feels good to get print recognition for the months of work my team invested.

It also feels weird. It is a disorienting experience to read about something you did through the eyes of a journalist. I am essentially reading a story about our personal experiences that a complete stranger wrote. When it happens to you, what I am saying will make sense. It gets real bizarre when you start reading your own quotes.

I am glad OU Daily covered the story. It’s a tribute to the strength of my college's public relations program, a testament to Dr. Tsetsura’s teaching ability, and it is just fun to read someone else write about the adventures my friends and I had.

Now I just need to figure out what I need to do in China to get that trip published...

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